Domestic Strategy

SRQ knows just how important it is to the community for their airport to build and maintain air service. The points listed below highlight SRQ's objective's for building strong domestic service at SRQ.

The Domestic Development Strategy for SRQ Airport is:
  • Enhance domestic traffic through SRQ to maximum potential. This includes point to point and flow traffic on
    US network carriers and low cost carriers (LCC's).
  • Develop and grow traffic between domestic destinations and SRQ, focusing primarily on top ten destinations from the top twenty list.
  • Target the most frequent traveled routes that are not presently served for future service with both scheduled
    and LCC service.
  • Present logical and concise business cases for new service based on comprehensive research to our tenant airlines and potential new airlines.
  • Support both the Bradenton Area Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Sarasota Convention and Visitors Bureaus development initiatives.