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SARASOTA BRADENTON FL – In a first, Sarasota Bradenton International Airport ( has launched a three-part campaign to hold traffic to at least 95% of this year’s total, and hopefully top it, despite the upcoming loss of one of its biggest carriers, AirTran.

The new program includes:

•    A new advertising theme, “DO YOU SRQ?”
•    A Pledge for community businesses and non-profits to commit to considering SRQ first when flying, as well as becoming “Airport Advocates,” spreading the word about the strong economic value of flying from their airport.
•    An aggressive airline incentive program designed to raise airline interest in adding seats and flights to SRQ while leveraging the community Pledges.

Previously announced new flights will help, including JetBlue and Delta to LaGuardia and United to Chicago O’Hare. With the additional flights, SRQ will offer domestic non-stop service to Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit, Charlotte, Washington, two airports in New York, and Boston.

The industry calls lost traffic “leakage” and it is estimated more than 1.5 million passengers, 70% of Sarasota Manatee passengers go to other airports.  Mr. Fredrick Piccolo, President and CEO of the airport said, “More than a million passengers leak to Tampa, plus a quarter million to Ft. Myers, and slightly more than 125,000 to Orlando. If our Pledge Program reduces this leakage three to eight percent per year over the next five years, which is our target, then we’ll exceed this year’s traffic.”

Mr. Piccolo continued. “Lost traffic is hurtful,” he added, “it reduces revenues for local businesses, shifts millions in taxes to other communities with no benefit to ours, and damages SRQ’s chances of attracting more service.  We’re aiming to sign up more than a thousand businesses and non-profits with the Pledge.  We intend on showing our community the strong economic benefits of the airport and using this to stimulate increased passenger demand at SRQ.”

Florida’s Department of Transportation (FDOT) estimates that SRQ contributes more than $100 million directly to the community, and another $433 million from visitors.  The airport generates 11,487 local jobs and with a payroll of $314 million.  Revenues from car rentals, parking, retail and food amount to $32 million in sales, and generate $2.5 million in local sales taxes.  However, $4.5 million in sales taxes are going elsewhere, the airport reports.

June 22, 2012
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In the Pledge Program, participants pledge to:

•    Check SRQ first for air travel.
•    Have a corporate executive approve any travel from other airports.
•    Support the airlines which serve Sarasota Bradenton.
•    Passing the word to inbound travelers “that SRQ is the airport of choice.”
•    Asking others to Pledge their support.

SRQ International has created an email address for any inquiries from the Community at [email protected].

Sarasota Bradenton International serves more than 1.3 million passengers a year, with over 100,000 aircraft operations. It is headquartered at 6000 Airport Circle, Sarasota FL 34243-2105.   Telephone (941) 359-5200., or visit on Facebook.




For Further Information Contact:

Mr. Fredrick (Rick) Piccolo, President, Chief Executive Officer
(941) 359-2770 x4200.

Ronald T. Smith, JournalistPR LLC
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