This page is intended to provide information to tenants and airport employees on the SRQ Identification card Badging process.

  • Hours of operations: Monday - Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • Location: on the first floor of the terminal building, between Ticketing and Baggage Claim (MAP)
  • Contacts: ID Badging (941) 359-2770 Ext. 4268; Hangtags (941) 359-2770 Ext. 4232.
  • Computer based Security and Driver Training
  • Employee Parking Hangtags: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm (Employee Parking Rules PDF)
  • Parking: please park in the Short Term lot, first twenty minutes are free

New Applicant Process

Process: As a new airport employee, you will need an official airport identification badge to access the airfield, air carrier ramp or other areas. Depending upon your job duties, the following conditions must be met before you can be issued an ID badge:

  • Click this link to email a request for the Security Access Application form,
  • Bring the appropriate document to verify identity and U.S. employment eligibility (See lists here PDF)
  • Complete the computer based SIDA training if required by badge type
  • Complete the computer based Airfield Driver training if required
  • Pass a fingerprint-based Criminal History Records Check, if applicable. Click on the link to request the form.
  • Contractors must pay a $25 deposit per ID badge or vehicle top hat
  • Pay the fee if it is not paid by your employer

If authorized, specific vehicle insurance requirements must be met before driving your personal vehicle on the airfield or for T-Hangar access

Badge Renewal Process

Process: Badges are issued for a limited period. You must apply for renewal prior to your badge expiration date. You will need to meet the following requirements prior to renewal:

  • Click this link to Email a request for the Security Access Application form,
  • Pay the renewal fee if it is not paid by your employer
  • Attend computerized recurrent training
  • Complete and sign the Lost ID Badge form (PDF) prior to renewal if lost or stolen ID
  • Pass the fingerprint check if SIDA/sterile area if previous access was canceled more than 30 days ago. (additional fee)


    • Have a current Authorized Signer on file with the ID Badging Office
    • Notify the ID Badge Office or Operations after hours of ID badge cancellations
    • Collect former employees ID badges and return to ID Badging Office to avoid fees
    • Inform employees of renewals when notified by the ID Badging Office
    • Request Customs Clearance forms from employer if required
    • Notify the ID Badge Office or Operations after hours of lost or stolen ID badge (PDF)
    • Respect the rules of use and care of your ID badge
    • Obtain a temporary ID if needed from the ID Badging Office or Operations after hours


  Employee Parking Rules

  • Hangtags are issued for six-month periods, January through June, and July through December
  • A current SRQ ID badge or an official airline ID is required in order to obtain a hangtag
  • No person shall park a private vehicle in the Employee Parking Lot for more than 30 consecutive days

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Automobile Insurance Requirements for Driving on the AOA
Please instruct your insurance carrier to forward an original declarations page showing coverage on these vehicles (each tenant pilot is allowed a maximum of two vehicles). They may fax the declarations page to us, but an original must also be mailed and received by the airport within ten (10) days. The following requirements MUST be met and included on the declaration page, prior to vehicle access being granted:

  • Your name
  • Vehicle identification (make, model, year)
  • Policy number
  • Policy expiration date (must be current)
  • 100/300,000 minimum bodily injury coverage
  • Sarasota Manatee Airport Authority named as additionally insured

Please have your insurance carrier forward this information to:

Sarasota Manatee Airport Authority Airport Operations 6000 Airport Circle Sarasota, FL 34243-2105 Fax: (941) 358-2852 Telephone: (941) 359-2770, ext 4268


ID Badge Fees

  Standard Pricing Government Agencies/Not For Profit Organizations
New Badges $25 $0
Renewals $25 $0
Lost Badges $100 $100
Damaged Badge $25 $25


Criminal History Checks
Fingerprints $29  
CFI Fingerprints $20 (plus AAAE and/or TSA fees)
Corporate Pilots (12,500/Charter) $20 (plus AAAE/NATA and/or TSA fees)>

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