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  • Advisories will be added as required from time to time.

Traffic and Parking Tips

  • Only those vehicles actively loading or unloading passengers are permitted to stop at the terminal curbside. Vehicles must be attended at all times. For your convenience 20 minutes of FREE parking is offered in the short-term parking lot.
  • There is a 15 mph speed limit in front of the terminal.
  • Please follow signs for Rental Car Return lot in front of terminal when dropping off rental cars.


  • Pets must be in a travelling container at all times when in the terminal.
  • Guide dogs and other working animals are permitted in the terminal on a leash with their owners.


  • Public Health laws require that shirts and shoes be worn in the terminal at all times.
  • Lost And Found is located at the Airport Police Department in the first floor lobby.
  • The Air Cargo Building is located to the east of the terminal and is accessed from the University Parkway entrance or Old Bradenton Road .
  • Please do not leave personal items unattended.
  • Please do not make any jokes about security at any time while at the airport. Security takes all comments at face value.
  • Travelling can be stressful, to reduce stress and make your experience at SRQ more enjoyable please allow yourself sufficient time to check-in, clear through security and get to your departure gate. Doing so will make your SRQ travel experience more enjoyable.
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